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It's Thor's Day once again and that means some more trivia about the Norse pantheon.

Forseti (FOR-set-tee) is the Norse god of justice and mediation. Forseti is a grandson of Odin so he is a member of the newer class of gods known as the Aesir. 

Forseti is one of the “younger” gods of the Norse pantheon, and it is telling that he is the son of one of the most famous murder victims in its history (Forseti's father, Baldur, was killed in a plot orchestrated by the trickster god, Loki).

Unlike the older gods, who embraced vengeance, Forseti turned to fair mediation in spite of his family history.

As a lawmaker, he approaches wrongdoing as a complex, multilayered problem that requires humane solutions based on established laws rather than lashing out emotionally.

Folk of all kinds would come to him for mediation of their problems, and it was said that no one came away dissatisfied by Forseti’s judgments.

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