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When I was six years old, I would sit in my room and make up stories, reciting them out loud (my introverted self is still shocked and amazed by that).  One day my teenage step-sister overheard me and said, “That’s actually really good.”  I was deeply embarrassed.  Don’t get me wrong, she meant it as a genuine compliment, but it had simply never occurred to my introverted self that someone else might be listening (eek!).  I was mortified and never told a story out loud ever again.  I still created them, but I kept them tightly locked away inside my head….until now.

Last year I decided I could no longer go on as a corporate zombie.  I had spent the last fifteen years as a technical writer in a pharmaceutical company.  I loved writing, but I hated corporate bullshit.  I was miserable and needed a change, so I quit (yay!!) and began my first attempt at writing down some of those stories buried in my imagination. 
It was definitely a learning experience. 
The goal of technical writing is to provide the most information using the fewest words (embellishment is frowned upon).  My first attempt at writing a book chapter resulted in all of two paragraphs.  Thankfully my creative side did finally emerge from its dormancy and I finished my first novel (as my mother in law would say, “it’s like a real book!”).   It’s a YA fantasy called WISH MAIDEN and it is about a Valkyrie who falls for a human and unwittingly initiates Ragnarok, the predicted destruction of the gods and the end of the world.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss YA books, Norse mythology, and my experiences with writing and the publishing industry.  Oh, and gush about other interests, such as fantasy and Sci-Fi pop culture.  Thanks for visiting!

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