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Happy Thor's Day from the windy city. 

Sadly this is NOT the view from my hotel, but I am staying only a few blocks away from the pier.

But on to the trivia.....

Bragi (pronounced BRA-gee) is the Norse god of poetry.  Bragi is Odin's son and a member of the newer class of gods known as the Aesir.

He has runes carved on his tongue and regales renowned heroes upon their entrance to Valhalla (a great hall in Asgard for fallen warriors).
Bragi is married to Idun (EE-dun), the goddess of spring and rejuvenation.
Idun grows the magic apples of immortality which the gods must eat to preserve their youth.
Idun and her apples were once abducted by a giant, Thiazi.  The gods began to suffer the effects of old age. They soon began to suspect that Loki was the mastermind.  The gods threatened Loki with death so he returned Idun and her apples to Asgard. 
Next Thor's Day: Forseti, the god of justice

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