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Heimdall (pronounced HAME-doll) is the Norse god of light.  He stands guard at the rainbow bridge, Bifrost, which connects Asgard (the home of the gods) to the world of humans.  Heimdall is Odin's son and belongs to the newer class of gods known as the Aesir.

Heimdall requires less sleep than a bird and has incredibly sharp senses that allow him to see great distances even at night and to hear sounds as soft as wool growing on sheep. 

Heimdall is considered to be the father of social classes. According to legend, he traveled around the earth and stayed three nights with married couples from different social classes.

First, he visited some serfs, then some peasants, and finally a noble couple. Nine months after each visit, a child was born to each.
  • The first was a strong boy named Thrall, who became the ancestor of all serfs.
  • The second, Karl, was skilled at farm work and became the ancestor of all peasants.
  • Jarl, the last of the children, was intelligent and quick to learn the skills of hunting and combat. He became the ancestor of all warriors and nobles.
The words thrall, karl, and jarl mean serf, farmer, and nobleman in the Norse language.

Heimdall is usually pictured with his golden horn, Gjallarhorn, which he will one day use to call the other gods to Ragnarok, the final battle that will result in the destruction of gods and humans. During the battle, Heimdall will kill the trickster god, Loki, then meet his own death.
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