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Freyr is one of the most important gods of Norse paganism.  He is associated with prosperity, fair weather, and fertility.  He is also the ruler of the Alfar (light elves).

  • Freyr is the son of Njord and his twin sister is Freya (thus he also belongs to the older class of gods known as the Vanir).
  • The sword he carries is a magical sword that can fight on its own.
  • The dwarfs gave him a golden-bristled boar.  The radiant bristles are considered symbolic either of the solar rays or of golden grain because the boar taught mankind how to plow.
Freyr also possessed a magical ship named Skidbladnir.  This vessel was so elastic that it was large enough to transport the gods, yet could also be folded up like a napkin and carried in one's pocket.
This small bronze statuette of Freyr is from the Viking era.  He is sitting cross-legged and holding his long beard.  From this angle, his arm is obscuring his rather large phallus (he is a fertility god).
He is also wearing a typical conical Viking helmet.  Most people think that Vikings wore helmets like this:
However according to the History Channel's website, the popular image of the strapping Viking in a horned helmet dates back to the 1800s, when Scandinavian artists included the horned headgear in their portrayals of the raiders.....and an enduring stereotype was born.

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**facts sourced from Myths of the Norsemen by H.A. Guerber


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