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Freya is the goddess of love and war.  She was the most beautiful and best beloved of all the goddesses.  Freya wore a falcon cloak which enabled her to fly through the air as a bird.

Freya belongs to the class of Norse gods known as the Vanir.  The Vanir are older gods associated with wisdom and fertility.  The Aesir defeated the Vanir in a great war, but some Vanir were allowed to live in Asgard (home of the Aesir) when peace was obtained.

Freya sometimes rides in a chariot pulled by cats.

Freya had a weakness for beautiful jewels.  The story tells that she had intimate relations with four dwarfs in order to obtain a golden necklace they had created.  The necklace was named Brisingamen.  You can see it depicted in this ornament from the Viking era:

  • Freya is the personification of the earth and as such, she married Odur, the symbol of the summer sun. 
  • Freya's tears turn into gold when they touch the earth and they turn into amber when they touch the ocean.
  • The prettiest plants and flowers in the north were called Freya's hair or Freya's eye dew, while the butterfly was called Freya's hen.

I named one of my cats Freya because she is beautiful and demands nothing less than worship.
She laughs at lowly humans.

Next Thor's Day: Freya's father, Njord, the god of the sea

**facts sourced from Myths of the Norsemen by H.A. Guerber


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