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Thor is the Norse god of thunder and the origin of the weekday name Thursday.  During the Roman Empire period, the Germanic peoples adopted the Roman weekly calendar, but replaced the names of Roman gods with their own.  So the day of Jupiter became Thor's day.

If you are familiar with Thor, it may be due to the recent Marvel movies. This is their interpretation:

Easy on the eyes, but not entirely accurate. 

In Norse mythology:
  • Thor actually had bristling red hair and a red beard, from which, in moments of anger, the sparks flew in showers.  
  • He was a fierce warrior with a violent temper, who seems to revel in the slaughter of any who would challenge him (and isn't quite as noble as the one portrayed in the Marvel universe). 
  • He also wore a crown, on each point of which was either a glittering star or a steadily burning flame, so that his head was ever surrounded by a kind of halo of fire (his own element).

Although Thor was not the chief god (that would be Odin), he was the most popular with the people and they associated Thor with strength and the protection of mankind.  He was the patron god of the peasants and lower classes.

Warriors often wore pendants depicting Thor's hammer (like the one below) which was called Mjollnir (translation: that which smashes).

Next Thor's Day: some facts about the Allfather, Odin.

**facts sourced from Myths of the Norsemen by H.A. Guerber


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